The Yoga Collective Edinburgh

Yoga Collective was born in mid-April 2022, as a response to the challenge of needing a venue to complete Body Symphonies Yoga Teacher Training Programme which Annamaria was delivering at Yoga Stable in the midst of the electricity crisis, and Covid 

Lisa, Rebecca and Yvonne were keen to have a space in which to start practising after the training, Jacqueline preferred to wait a while but was very much present to the starting process with input and is now about to start teaching in Portobello 😊 The group also wanted to provide a space for people to start to connect again, after the social distancing we went through.  

We started with opening the classes to volunteers for the last couple of months of the Teacher training, and have slowly been finding our feet, like most of us in recent times of deep changes for society. We are getting there and soon having our first anniversary. The studio is a mix of us and other practitioners renting the space out either for their practice or to run workshops/courses.

We refurbished the venue, studio 6.02 at Edinburgh Palette, having the south facing light on our side, by putting a lovely new floor and painting walls and skirtings. Most of what is there furniture wise, we have been given or left by previous tenants. Equipment also from us as well as donations. We have had layers and layers of support in the creation of what is now our beautiful Yoga and Movement studio .

The space is about 90 m2, fully equipped with mats, blankets, chairs, bricks, belts pillows. It has a small office/community room off to the side with plenty of "normal" chairs, a kettle, teas and our office desk. We also have a massage couch, 3 if necessary, and can fit up to 6 massage tables for bodywork practitioners. 


Our own classes can be booked here .

Annamaria also has a separate booking system for workshops and retreats you can browse here.

To follow Yvonne, this is the link for her website

To follow Annamaria, this is the link to her website

More will come with time, be patient with us. 

Studio Hire

Please get in touch if you would like to use our space and we will send out to you our T&C.
Our e-mail is 

How To Find Us

There are two entrances, one at 151 London Rd and one via South Restalrig Rd if you are driving. 

We are on 6th floor, left at the lift or right at the top of the stairs, go through the double doors and we are the first white door facing you. 

We look forward to welcoming you,
Annamaria Lisa Rebecca Yvonne